Urbani Truffle Museum “Paolo Urbani” holds the Urbani family history, entrepreneurs who have made of truffle a lifestyle.



Shortly before the Christmas holidays, the restaurant Da Vinci (Florence) offers a dinner entirely dedicated to a protagonist unmistakable scent:the Umbrian Truffle; for more info, and booking visit Eataly website .

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Accademia del tartufo

The Urbani Truffles Academy is a technological and gastronomic workshop to which each will be able to bring their own knowledge of truffles and their derivates, exchanging it with others, increasing it and thus arriving at the creation of new ideals, new projects and new products, and always in the common aim of progressing in the subject of truffles.

Urbani Truffles USA

Since many years Urbani Tartufi is a famous brand on the international markets for food specialities. To consolidate his position has issued a branch office in USA.